about s t u d i o e v o l v i n g

The concept of studio evolving emerged out of a life threatening experience that
took both John and Marigold on a healing journey that continues today.

The experience of studio evolving is that of learning to find and trust our inate
abilities to heal ourselves, and utilise the healing qualities of our horses.

M a r i g o l d s m i t h

As a teacher of the Alexander Technique I wish to share the benefits and the
possibilities that the technique can offer us all in every day life, to help everyone
achieve their lifes goals with the knowledge and capacity to look after their own
bodies with awareness and a sense of responsibility.

I wish to share my wholistic approach to horses and horsemanship as a now non-
competative rider. To reveal horses differences and specialities, thus educating the
rider to the possibilities in each horse and rider as a team

J o h n c u t h b e r t

I have always felt comfortable with the concept of not knowing where the future
may lead and having trust in the good human qualities.

As an architect I have worked to cement these beliefs in the way I have
approached my work. I have always had a passion to find an appropriate balance
between human need and function but with a caring attitude for the environment.

I am happy to share my experience of over 40 years in exploring the ways of designing
structures to use the sun not only for heating and cooling, but also to enjoy its
profound healing qualities.