Alexander technique s t u d i o e v o l v i n g

The Alexander Technique is a unique approach to the study of movement. It is a means
of eliminating unnecessary tension while learning to move in an easier more effective way.

The technique teaches us how to be at ease in simple everyday activities and how this
new flexibility can be the basis of more specialized skills. This is not a therapy but a
re-education of our body. It teaches us how, with a more conscious awareness of our
habits, we can restore and improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

At studio evolving we offer introductory Alexander lessons and explain its relevance to
you personally :

. your health, lifestyle and hobbies
. sporting practice, vocation or playing a musical instrument
. horse riding, yoga, or in fact, in any activity you may undertake.

In my own specialist horse related area I can offer particular help for farriers, trainers,
jockeys, horse therapists, blacksmiths.

Our aim is to help people help themselves and learn how good movement can help
relieve pain and other ailments including:- back and neck pain, disc troubles, sciatica,
voice problems, stuttering, headaches, pinched nerves and many more.

Learning good use of your body is an effective way of preventing
the recurrence of pain and ailments.

Learn more about the Alexander Technique, its origins and how an Alexander teacher
works. Review a case study of how the Alexander Technique has helped a person
suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Watch a video released by the British Medical
Journal based on the findings of a clinical trail showing that Alexander lessons
are effective for relief of non-specific back pain.

MARIGOLD smith t e a c h e r of t h e a l e x a n d e r t e c h n i q u e
Mem. AUSTAT (The Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)