horse riding s t u d i o e v o l v i n g

The Alexander Technique has renewed my riding vitality and co-ordination through
a gentle and caring approach that has given me a true union with my horses.

My journey has not been without the frustration and pain that many riders share, of
losing the joy and connection with the horse. As a teacher of the Alexander Technique
I can guide you and help you with a common sense approach to riding.
To help you learn to read and use the horses intelligence with care and feeling
from classical seat or bare back.

The Alexander Technique teaches the rider easier ways of moving that is effortless,
to help re-establish a suppleness so essential for reading and directing the horse.
The technique increases your self and body awareness, of the stress, strain and pain
that is sensed by the horse

My educated and very individual horses provide a broad range of opportunities
to explore the challenge of applying the principles of the Alexander Technique - learning
on the ground and in movement.

This learning is suitable for all levels of experience. Beginners, pleasure
riders or high level competitors will find benefit from the Alexander Technique.
Individual lessons, workshops and introductory days available with

For more information about my riding experience see my journey. View the gallery.

MARIGOLD smith t e a c h e r of t h e a l e x a n d e r t e c h n i q u e

Mem. AUSTAT (The Australian Society of Teachers of the
Alexander Technique) and riding coach.

Diploma in Horse Riding and Alexander Technique Teaching (SOFMAS melbourne)