Individual and small group lessons are conducted on a regular basis by appointment and
are structured to suit individual needs.

The riding lessons are not like normal riding lessons and to get the most out of them you
have to participate and experience what I am talking about. That's why I use the term
'workshop'. You do not have to own a horse. The work you do with my trained horses will
be beneficial to you, whether you are an experienced rider or novice, or what ever
discipline other than horse riding is your interest or passion.


I have been passionately involved and working with horses for over 40 years. My ongoing
learning and teaching riding and horsemanship skills has now culminated in a holistic
approach as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. I like to share with dedicated people
who are concerned with the well-being of horses, people prepared to pool knowledge and
resources for a greater good of all.

Feet, teeth, diet, saddle fittings, tactile therapies are
part of the whole for a happy sound horse. The same applies to the rider if the horse and
rider is to perform as a happy and sound riding team.

Our Body Connection With The Horse

Body language is the way we communicate with horses.

Riding skill is harmony of movement between rider and horse. Good riding is balance in
movement without tension, a tension that interferes with the riders need for quick
changing muscular tone that is essential for communicating with the horse.

Often this tension is a reflection in our bodies of our stress filled lives. We are often not
aware of this tension and tightness that can also result in poor postural awareness. All
this is reflected in our horses and is a hindrance on their performance and well-being.

The Alexander Technique teaches the rider easier ways of moving that is effortless to
help re- establish suppleness so essential for reading and directing the horse. The
Technique increases your self and body awareness, of stress, strain and pain that is
sensed by the horse allowing you both to be better balanced.

Finding Communication

The Alexander Technique is a useful learning tool for a rider to explore how life and
everyday issues influence our mood, attitudes which can have a ripple down effect on
how our horse moves and behaves.

Balanced riding, correct training and horse care are therapeutic. Restoring a supple spine
and musculature for horse and rider. Attention to the horses feet, teeth, diet and tactile
therapies with the equally important attention to the riders self awareness of tension, poor
postural habits and willingness to unlearn these will ultimately restore a new riding
harmony for horse and rider.

Restoring Self Awareness

All this requires openness to ideas and how ideas can enrich what we already know and
practice. My struggle with myself, to unlearn my bad habits and change through
application of the Alexander Technique has restored my bodily health and care. My
willingness to listen and care for my horses through tactile therapies, attention to feet and
teeth and diet and appreciating their intelligence and healing qualities has ensured their
well-being as happy horses.

Learn about yourself and how you interact with your horse, seek advice and share what
you have found useful.

What You Can Expect

My work is very much 'hands on' so working with individuals and small classes of people
enables me to deal with each persons specific and differing needs.

You will learn:-
•To identify your tension patterns and habits in every day activities and how to release
the tension and change habits.
•Skills to deal with stress and strain.
•A good understanding of the Alexander Technique.
•How the tension, holding patterns and habits constrain your connection with the horse.
•The benefit of working on the ground and how this helps you on the horse.

Each session will include:-
•Individual Alexander Lesson.
•Group exploration of anatomy and movement.
•Un-mounted activities to develop an understanding of the Alexander Technique.
•This learning applied on the horse.

Contact us for more information, a price list and to make a booking.
The format can be changed to suit your requirements.

Horsemanship and the Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

This is an elective study module of the advanced Diploma in Alexander Technique
Teaching at the School for F. M. Alexander Studies, Melbourne Australia. The
horsemanship elective runs concurrently with teacher training at the School for
F.M. Alexander Studies, reinforcing, connecting and making relevant all Alexander
procedures, chair work, monkey, lunge, etc., and is part of the module ‘Teach the
Alexander Technique in a specialist area’.

Any graduate of a teacher training course can enrol in this study module as post graduate
work. Every teacher will benefit whether rider or not. This course offers an invaluable
opportunity as a qualified Alexander Teacher to offer this newly obtained awareness
to assist horse riders from all levels of skill and riding performance. The course is also
suitable for all levels of rider (novice to advanced) as well as riding instructors.

The course includes applying the principles of the Alexander Technique in:-
•Practical horsemanship and related activities including ground work. (un-mounted work)
•Development of rider skill

The horse riding module is conducted at s t u d i o e v o l v i n g here in Healesville Victoria, Australia.
Visit the following web page for more information.